03 Maret 2011


DotA 6.68c AI Rev2 Beta by PBMN (Official)

  • 03 Maret 2011
  • joZZ
  • PleaseBugMeNot (PBMN) - merilis map baru untuk versi 6.68c Ai. Ada beberapa perubahan pada map ini dan untuk tahap perilisan map versi 6.70 Ai masih dalam proses pengembangan dan ini pastinya sangat ditunggu-tunggu dengan adanya si "phoenix".

    v6.68c AI Rev2 (BETA) Changelogs
    • Techies Remote mines fixed (they explode when killed).
    • Battle Hunger cleared after rebirth.
    • The crashes from Flak Cannon are hopefully gone.
    • Some memory leaks removed (more to come).
    • Transform Courier fixed.
    • Courier's Spell immunity showing icon fix.
    • Aegis acquire message not shown fix.
    • Recoded some HeroState saves to Strings.
    • Kaldr, Ancient Apparition got his ultimate cooldown fixed.
    • -(o)sven command removed. Now -sv command can be used to look at both teams AI`s skill`s. For example: -osv 6 or -osv 2
    • -ld (lowdodge) mode tweaked.
    Download links
    - Download Dota 6.68c Ai - Hotfile
    - Download Dota 6.68c Ai - Rapidshare
    - Download Dota 6.68c Ai - Duckload
    *duckload speed for free member same as Mediafire and has resume feature

    Check it out for Official Map 6.71b - stable map

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