31 Oktober 2007


Review : World in Conflict

  • 31 Oktober 2007
  • joZZ
  • Get ready to nuke the world.

    When Whitesnake starts playing during World in Conflict's single player campaign, you'll realize that it is love that you're feeling. The love of a perfectly placed artillery barrage; of a city once whole turned to rubble; of maneuvering tanks through debris to attack an important strategic location; of our most favorite nemesis, the USSR. one of this year's finest real-time war-games. Massive has created an excellently destructive entertainment experience that we think nearly any action junky will enjoy mightily.

    Epic destruction is everywhere. It's a game that's among the prettiest RTSs we've seen offering up detailed units, large well-rendered environments, and some truly spectacular special effects. The visuals in World in World in Conflict are brilliant on all fronts and provide an easy entry point for all comers to immediately sink in and enjoy some fast-action strategy.Thankfully, the game still looks pretty at medium detail, coz it must be really expensive to enjoy the big effects on all "very high" at highest resolution.

    The campaign provides a well presented and explosive spectacle right from the moment that the Russians invade US soil and artillery begins to pummel Seattle. It's a non-stop ride from there with very little down time to gather your wits, which fits the tactical nature of the game quite nicely and provides us adrenaline junkies a constant fix.

    The story is consistently well presented from several angles. Massive not only tells the strategic and tactical nature of the Soviet aggression via terrific load-screen briefings voiced by Alec Baldwin and constant radio chatter by the main characters and leaders in the Allied forces, but also the more personal side of war via several well developed characters. Each is quite different in their motivations and the chance to learn more through the art slideshow cutscenes of phone calls home helps you invest that much more. Both the personalities of the characters and tactical information mix together in the well directed in-engine cutscenes in each mission. Finally, there are a couple of FMV cutscenes, if you've followed the game at all and they mix the music and action very well together. Overall, the story presentation of the single player package is excellent.

    The campaign moves smoothly from location to location documenting the war across the American Northwest, New York City, and various parts of Europe. Each of the missions offers something different and encourages players to become more familiar with each of the army types by providing only certain kinds of reinforcements. It's not as rigid as the multiplayer (you'll often have helicopters and tanks under your command simultaneously) but is great for introducing the power of each unit type by offering up opportunities to take advantage of special abilities against the enemy. constantly on the enemy. You just don't know how satisfying it is to call in three carpet bombing raids, fuel air bombs, and massive artillery strikes all at the same time. Kha boom!!

    For RTS veterans and action fans alike should find this to be an action junky'sdream, I think some secondary objectives were more challenging than any of theprimary objectives, even on the hard. I'd recommend any RTS vets to pump the diffuculty up to hard, but it's a little difficult to say what exactly makes the game more difficult on hard as the AI tactics seemed unchanged and didn't makeuse of unit special abilities.

    World In Conflict is unlike most real time war-games for its tactical nature, it also provides explosive, epic destruction, prettiest detail unit, large wellrendered environment, various objectives, and one of the most attractive games we’ve ever seen. For you a RTS player will gained anunusual experienced.This year is going to be an amazing year for RTS titles,World In Conflict is one that makes it come true.

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    Presentation (9.5)
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    Gameplay (9.0)
    Overall (9.5)

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